Jane Norman | Early Years Support Site

Jane Norman | Early Years Support Site

The Early Years Support Site at Jane Norman College supports the Early Learning and Child Care Community.

Early Childhood Educators are welcomed and encouraged to come to our site in Truro and visit our library which has a large collection of professional resources and children’s books.   We also invite Early Childhood Educators to visit our  Loose Parts Lab.  The Loose Part Lab was inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach to Early Childhood Education whereby materials that would normally be thrown away could be reused and repurposed.  Materials are donated by community members  and local businesses. Early Childhood Educators can borrow loose parts, to take back to their centers, for their children to explore, create with, invent, design, etc.  These loose parts promote critical thinking, independent thought, problem solving and allows children’s natural inquisitiveness to shine. Centers are also welcome to book a time to bring children on-site to explore and investigate this large array of diverse materials.

We also provide professional development opportunities  through on-site and online workshops as well as workshops  across our region.

We encourage Early Childhood Educators  to reach out to us for support, to share ideas for workshops they would like to see delivered and to access our resources.

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Jane MacKenzie
Early Years Support Site Coordinator
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Jane Mackenzie
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Jane Mackenzie

Jane Mackenzie is the Early Years Support Site Coordinator at Jane Norman College....