Learning with Mi’kma’ki PD training

Learning with Mi'kma'ki

Learning with Mi'kma'ki is a new professional development opportunity for early childhood professionals in Nova Scotia. This training provides an opportunity for participants to see the natural environment, Earth science, sustainability, reciprocity, and interconnectedness, with two eyes — Etuaptmumk (ed-do-up-dm-momk). The work represents Mi’kmaw-first voice, with the support and advice of a standing committee.

The 6-hour course is an introduction for Early Childhood Educators to explore their immediate relationship with place and how this knowledge can be integrated in learning environments for Early Learners. The field book, which is a part of the training, requires participants to reflect on knowledge and teachings. It helps guide participants in understanding how they, as members of this place, are to be present and, in turn, how being present can be directly linked to the work of Early Learning and Child Care. The field book does not prescribe how it should be done, but rather how you see yourself developing the skills and abilities to be authentic in your relationship with place.




Part 1: Indoor Presentation and Reflection

  • Explore Mi’kma’ki 
  • Explore Land Acknowledgments 
  • Explore the traditional territory and seven (7) districts 
  • Explore who are the Mi’kmaq 
  • Explore Mi’kmaw ways of knowing and being  
  • Explore the teachings of Netukulimk  
  • Explore the differences between a gift economy and a wage economy  
  • Explore how this knowledge relates to early learners 
  • Explore the importance of play 
  • Explore the differences between outdoor education, outdoor learning, and land-based learning 
  • Explore personal skill sets 
  • Explore Etuaptmumk
  • Explore relationships with place  


Part 2: Outdoor Activities and Discussions  

  • Sitting with Land Activity  
  • Observe – Memorize – Compare Protocol: bird watching 
  • Observe – Memorize – Compare Protocol: plants and trees 
  • Talking Circle reflection 
  • Etuaptmumk – Two-Eyed Seeing 
  • Case study on outing with children – reflection and discussion. 


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